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May. 7th, 2009

Awsome boxes

I'm in love with a manakin

I totally just bought a huge energy drink. I'm going to see what happens drinking it tommorrow.

Got a little more money then planned from book buybacks. Indulged in a few things. Lets see if they were worth it.

And I think for mother's day, I'm ordering a pizza so my lazy ass doesn't have to cook. And bake muffins. And color pictures.

I lead an exciting life. lol.

Today I learned Hillbilly fuckfest isn't that bad when you only play half the song. And I learned I shoulda just bought the book I wanted instead of 3 movies, 2 of which I have never seen. Hopefully there good. The 3rd was something from my past I adored, which means I'll prolly hate it now. I know I would have loved the book. Or the other books I found that I also wanted to read thats not my must have right now.

Alright, time to sit, get to watchin.

Jan. 30th, 2009

Awsome boxes

Because I'm on a kick

Jan. 22nd, 2009

Awsome boxes

Anyone interested?

Beat Boxing flut guy, and the group he's in (called PROJECT) Are gonna be in Des moines march 7-8.

Anyone feel like road trippin?

Jan. 19th, 2009

Awsome boxes

Evelyn B-day ideas

So I've been surfing random websites. And I think I came up with some awesome ideas for B-day presents.

A "Big girl" bed. So  A twin sized bed to last her until she is no longer living with me. With this of course, we need sheets and comforter and blah blah blah, which would be awesome add ons for other gift givers.

She always need cloths. She grows crazy fast.

Shoes. That'll prolly happen before her b-day tho. they're starting to get tight.

A small tv, dvd player, Atenna, and tv stand for her room. I was thinking this before her Birthday maybe to try to get her to sleep in her room.

Something for her stuffed animals. She seriously has a ton

A Gift certifercate for summer dance classes + uniform

The first and last I'm sure I'm getting her if I can get both for under 200 (thats all the money I have set aside fr her birthday)

And I'm thinking money unaccounted for will go to the tv stuff, as well as cleaning supplies and updating the other tvs in the huse since there all old and analog.

Now as to where. We've done the Park, play station, and chuck e cheese. The park is so mch cheaper, and a bit more work. The only problem is her birthdsy is mid April, so weather is up in the air. And you need to book like now to get in at kid places... I thin I like the park idea. Mor money on presents. Sandwhichs and ckae are always cool.

Jan. 17th, 2009

Awsome boxes

I'm excited

I'm wearing my MW stuff tonight. Except pictures. I'm fully girling out. All I can show right now is my Wig. It turned out better then I hoped!

Jan. 16th, 2009

Awsome boxes

I am soooooo bored

Just some thoughts before going off and doing homework.

1. Mandie, any chance I can borrow that dress for tommorrow? Could you send it up with Dan tonight?

2. I better be able to go to my math class.

3. I would much rather do running crew then constrution crew.

4. Why isn't it ww weekend?

5. To eat lunch, or not eat lunch?

6. STD plushies are kinda cool. They come with cards full of facts about the STD ther made of.

7. If I was to get myself an STD plushie, which one should I get...

8. remeber to replace cleaning stuff with loans moneys

9. Figure out what to do with upkeeping of the house hold items money.

10. massuse or mathematics?

11. I don't know if I'm excited for game tonight or not. The people yes, the playing, not so much.

Jan. 14th, 2009

Awsome boxes

What to do, what to do

I have 2 choices as of right now

Next year, I can go to Mt Mercy, and get a BA in Mathmatics.
Or go to Capri and be a licensed Massuse.


Mt. Mercy is Closer to home
I can do more with this degree
It's going to be a shit ton more expensive
Be another 4 years (I can only take 9-12 cr. hours per semester)
Deal with nuns and bible thumpers daily

A lot less expesive
2 yr. program
Degree can be applied to different areas within an extreme limitation

Both have to potential to make good money, and both would make different parts of me Happy.
I hate office/cubical jobs
I like to constantly be moving
I love math
I love people
I lovemath more then people tho


seaking of math, school was cancled today, so I have yet to even step foot in my math class. :(

Jan. 7th, 2009

Awsome boxes

Up later then I want...

Evelyn woke up crying she shot straight up. I wake up and ask her whats wrong.

"Mom I'm Soryy. I'm so sorry I flushed my ponies down the big toliet. I didn't mean to break it."

3 yr' olds have some weird nightares. We had to find all of her poinies so she knew it was a dream. we're still looking for one....

Dec. 25th, 2008

Awsome boxes

Because I have a kid, and I must share

All in all, "Santa" did good with xmas this year. She loved everything but her cloths and a couple books and had to play with them, including eating and play break between presents. Too us like 2 and 1/2 hrs, but we got through it all. Now she's laying down, wrapped up in her new Ariel blanket, laying in her plie of cares bears that grew 3 times the past couples days, watching one of her new movies.

So, Cuz I want to share/brag:
A bunch of little girly things she wanted (hair ties, nail polish, clip on earring, big purple plastic diamond)
like 20 books
4 movies (My Little Ponies OG version, Hunhback of Notre Dame, Little Mermaid, and Goofy Movie)
her own box of real kickten suplies, 2 cooks books and a gift card to buy her own food to cook.
She got 1 new little care bear, 1 new big one, and 3 huge ones (she named the sizes) her pile she's laying on looks amazingly comforotable.
Arliel blanket
I spy game for the compy
one of those black fuzzie color thing, buts it's small and is already in a frame! (The girls know whats up with that and how bad ass that is)

These were her higlights from her x mas', not inlcuding the candy, cuz who doesn't like candy.

And today, after watching all her movies, will be a duck tails marathon. That was my big gift to Bob, and he liked it, along the The Hulk and a few shirts, all of them being bad ass! (Tool, MSI, and a darkwing duck shirt that has his motto on the back)

I got the things I wanted. They were out of my lotion, but I got the soap, GnR hoodie, Tales of Beedle the Bard, Cullens shirt, and some rocking candles from Bobs mom and gift cards. I am Happy.

Dec. 18th, 2008

Little One

Public annoucement

New Werewolf boards = love

Now since the mage boards have the same thing, I'm waiting for it to pick up steam.

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